25 Days of Anime: Day 1

Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched

Hello Blerders and Nerders! I told you Day 1 would be late so I apologize! When you drive 10 hours, unpack a Uhaul for 3 hours and then still try to catch up on sleep, things become late lol. Anyway, lets get on with this day!

The very first anime I ever watched was the classic Akira. Now I had no clue what was going on when I watched it but the animation of it all had me stuck. I was about 9 or 10 when I first saw this movie so the subject matter was lost to me and I cringed at most of it because of the graphic nature. But when it was a non-violent scene, I stared in awe. I was not supposed to be watching this movie, especially by myself. I believe one of my uncles or cousins was watching it on VHS while I was supposed to be “sleep” (I am a master of fake sleeping). After sneaking and watching Akira, I didn’t see another anime series until I saw Dragonball Z  in middle school. The rest is history. What really had me attached to Akira were the visuals. They were amazing! Bright, crisp animation along with detailed character designs. I couldn’t look away from it (except when blood was on screen because, you know…young). I like to thank Akria for starting me down my anime rabbit hole and I will never look back!


What about you? What was the very first anime you watched? Let us know in the comments or follow us on Twitter! Until next time, Nerd Out!





Author: Da Misfit

5 thoughts on “25 Days of Anime: Day 1

    1. Yeah it def was and I knew I wasn’t supposed to be watching it but I couldn’t pull away from the visual! lol

  1. That’s such an interesting first anime. That is an interesting story how you watched it behind your family’s back though. The first anime I saw in my life was Teknoman/Tekkaman Blade.

    1. I’ve never seen that anime! Let me add that to my list. But yeah, my cousins and uncle found out I watched that recently actually lol. They wouldn’t have cared at that time…but prob would of told me to not tell my mom haha

      1. It was on UPN back in the 90s. I haven’t seen it in a while, but watching the original Japanese version would be great. That’s cool how your cousins and uncles told you not to tell your mom. Hahaha!

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