FanCon: A Fallout That Gave Hints

A raw and real outlook about the FanConFiasco.

A Space For Me

I’m new to being a nerd on the internet. Well, I’m new to openly being a nerd on Twitter. For a long time, I kept my geeky obsessions strictly on Tumblr and I kept them buried there deep. Then the concept of live tweeting to help keep shows afloat came along. And because I loved the show Sleepy Hollow so much, I let my nerd side come out on Twitter. It’s in my weekly session of live tweeting SH where I came in contact with BGN and it’s creator Jamie Broadnax. At first, I admired Jamie, I found the community she had built to be an amazing one. All these different black girls who were nerds just like me, I finally had people to talk to. Then, when Sleepy Hollow’s creators began to sideline Abbie Mills who was supposed to be their co-lead, black women were rightfully upset. There was…

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