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Infinity War Teaser Trailer


Have you checked Twitter or Facebook yet? I opened Twitter this morning and the first thing I see was this amazing trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie.




Seeing so many heroes and things come together in almost 3 minute trailer was a sight to see. From Spiderman’s new suit to seeing freshly bearded Cap in Wakanda busting heads with Black Panther and Bucky. Tony chilling with the Sorcerer Supreme and Banner. And Thanos showing up like the boss he is. Seriously…he popped up in the trailer like he already owned it. And he won’t be the only villain! If you know the mythos of Thanos, then you know he usually has a group of 4 or 5 underlings that also come to wreak havoc and the trailer didn’t even point them out.



What’s more exciting than Infinity War coming out? Watching the fallout of what happens AFTER it comes out. What happens to certain heroes and their respective movie franchises? Will we get a new Cap or Ironman? Find out next year on Marvel Movie Z!

Watch the trailer below and bask in the greatness of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tell me what you saw or what you think in the comments below! Until next time, Nerd out!

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