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Tekken 7 adds another character for DLC

Tekken has been one of the most consistent fighting games on consoles second to Street Fighter. Street Fighter has had DLC characters for their last two games on console while Tekken has never had DLC, at least not seperate from the game. We’ve had new characters added in Tekken but all of them were in game and available after beating the game or clearing certain conditions. Tekken 7 has Akuma from Street Fighter included from the jump. But the thought of adding new fighters through DLC is brand new.

The first fighter coming through DLC is Geese Howard. If you don’t recognize the name, he’s a bad guy from the Fatal Fury game series. And he’s a badass. I hated fighting him in Fatal Fury an King of Fighters, and most likely going to hate fighting him in Tekken. He’s the first DLC character coming to Tekken this winter. Watch his trailer below.

The second DLC character revealed this weekend is Noctis Lucis Caelum. If you have played the recent Final Fantasy XV, then you know who this is. If not, Noctis is the main character from the latest entry of the Final Fantasy series. I really don’t see how he fits into the Tekken universe but it’s a game so I let them have it…even though it doesn’t make game sense. He will be available Spring 2018. Watch his trailer below.


Keep an eye out for more news about DLC characters coming to Tekken (if any more are coming). If you had a choice, who would you want to join the Tekken Universe? Until next time. Nerd Out!





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