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Woman Crush Wednesday: Silhouette

I’m finally back doing WCW! I know you all have been waiting on me to come back. I took a two week break to surprise my Mother and to go to my college Homecoming. And also took some time to decompress and collect my thoughts. So now that the pleasantries are out of the way, lets get into this week’s WCW!

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is a little known character from Marvel Comics. Her name is Silhouette Chord and yes Silhouette is her real first name, at least translated from Cambodian. Her Cambodian name is Roubpheap Sramol so we’ll continue with Silhouette. Sil is mutant like her brother, Midnight’s Fire. She was a member of the New Warriors and the Secret Avengers (during the first Civil War).


Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire (I’ll never like that name lol) were operating as independent vigilantes in the streets of New York, when they met Dwayne Taylor (before he had become Night Thrasher), and the three began an organized effort to take down various New York City criminal street gangs. She began a romance with Night Thrasher during this time.

This partnership ended when Silhouette was shot by police gunfire and paralyzed from the legs down in a sting gone wrong. Midnight’s Fire blamed Dwayne, and then became a cop killer and druglord in order to lure Dwayne into a physical confrontation he could not possibly win. Silhouette ultimately turned away from Midnight’s Fire for his actions. After this, Sil was reunited with Dwayne and they joined the New Warriors (to which Dwayne became leader at some point).

Sil has the ability to use Darkforce energy manipulation. Thanks to her genetic heritage (good ol Dragon’s Breath cult) developed through many generations of selective breeding, Silhouette has the ability to teleport herself over short distances on Earth by traveling through the Darkforce Dimension. She can “melt” into any shadow or area of darkness, thus entering the Darkforce dimension, and then reemerge on Earth through another shadow or area of darkness (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silhouette_(comics).


If you have never read the New Warriors comics, you should. They may not be major characters in the overall Marvel Universe but they have great stories and they do have some influence among other superhero teams such as the Avengers, the Defenders and the Fantastic Four to name a few. Silhouette has been around since the 90’s (New Warriors #2, 1990) and has been consistent in comics up until Civil War. She hasn’t died in the comics, she’s just been inactive. She is a great hero and deserves respect. Not only is she a hero of color but one with a disability that doesn’t let that stop her from being great. So read up on her and the New Warriors and tell me what you think! Until next time, Nerd out!



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