Flashback Friday: A PS1 classic

Since I missed Throwback Thursday, I decided to do a Flashback Friday. I won’t miss next week though, just so you guys know. This week’s throwback is Megaman X4 on the PS1.

Megaman X4


This game here. Probably one of the first game I spent the most time playing, spending most of the time trying to unlock the secret armors. I literally was obsessed with this game and all the lore that came with it. Futuristic earth society, along with a genius professor leaving a super advanced android (cyborg?) behind to fight evil, and possibly one of the coolest character designs on Playstation (Zero)? Absolutely one of my favorite games of all time. If you’ve played the original Megaman or Megaman X, then you know that this game is a 2D side scrolling game with sub-boss battles and boss battles. What makes it classic is that it was the first Megaman series to be put on the Playstation. It had huge success and went to spawn more sequels (which kind of became diluted later down the line). I really wish they would revive this series on the PS4 (not that Mighty No. 9 ish) but for real do a full revival. The X series had a great story-line along with lore and characters. If you ever get a chance, I highly suggest playing this game and series. Any other game series you want me to cover? Leave some suggestions in the comments or send us an email at Noirnerdzone@gmail.com. You guys enjoy your Friday! As always, Nerd out!


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