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Shameless Plugs: Chocolate City Comics

You guys know I love seeing artists showcase their work and others work. Especially when they showcase PoC in their own original comic series or make famous heroes into black faces. I came across Chocolate City Comics on Twitter via @theblerdgurl She had RT’d an image of a comic series called “Tuskegee Heirs” that originated from @chocCityComics  twitter page. I had seen the name “Tuskegee Heirs” before but never got around to reading the comic (which I’m in the process of buying now).


Dope right?!


As I started to look down their timeline, I saw nothing but black art and it was wonderful to see. So I reached out to them and asked them to tell me a little bit about themselves:

“We started backend of 2015 purely just a Facebook page, ironically it was a white dude called Toby (who is totally awesome btw) who set it up. He got invited to a nerd group to admin it .He was sharing black focused content and they wanted him on the team. Anyway he got pressured to set up a page, so he did at the time Why not? so myself and other guys got asked to come onboard we decided as there wasn’t anything out there that had a pure black focus we were happy to help . In 2016 we set up an Instagram and at the backend of 2016 a Twitter, we have a big following through our work the great thing I’d many well known black creatives support us like John Boyega, Morris Chestnut, Mr “Get out” Himself Jordan Peele and many others. We do all of our work for free. It’s about support that’s it, bottom line and we’re pretty good at it…There’s a few people involved in CCC myself Taj, William, James and obviously Toby…we have some ladies coming on board soon.”

It is always great to see PoC hyping PoC artists up in a positive light. Like I’ve said before, representation matters and seeing others put so much into highlighting PoC and their works of art. I suggest taking a look at Chocolate City Comics page on twitter and giving them support. Below are some visuals from their Twitter page so go look and support black artists! As always, Nerd out!

Chocolate City Comics


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