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Woman Crush Wednesday: Misty Knight

Happy Wednesday! This week’s WCW is Misty Knight. You may have seen her in the Netflix series “Luke Cage”. She premiered in the Marvel universe in “Marvel Premier #20” in 1975. Let’s do a little back history on Misty Knight, the comic version.

“Graduating from New York City’s police academy with top honors, Misty Knight became a patrolwoman at the Twelfth Precinct in partnership with Rafe Scarfe. Early in her career, she rescued Colleen Wing from a Manhattan gun battle, and the two soon became best friends. Sometime later, Misty encountered terrorists attempting to bomb a bank; she retrieved the bomb, but it exploded before she could dispose of it. Her right arm had to be amputated and was replaced with a cybernetic limb designed at Stark International. Despite the enhanced strength of her new arm, Misty’s injury removed her from active patrol duty, and she resigned rather than accept a desk job. Depressed over these developments, she was encouraged by Colleen to again take an active role in life, and the two eventually became partners in a private investigation firm, Nightwing Restorations.
Misty first met Iron Fist when Colleen, who had already befriended him, was abducted by his enemies; erroneously believing Iron Fist responsible, Misty attacked him but soon learned the truth, then helped him against his enemies. Misty and Iron Fist became romantically involved. When he founded Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage, she and Colleen, known as the Daughters of the Dragon for their martial arts skill, frequently aided them.” (marvel.com) CaTAby2W0AAaWBq.jpg-large

Okay that was a short little synopsis about Misty Knight because she has A LOT of info. Misty is one of the most consistent superheroes in the Marvel universe. She’s intelligent, trustworthy, highly skilled and one of the coolest women in the Marvel Universe. You will see her Netflix version on August 18th in “The Defenders” so be sure to catch it. Please do yourself the favor and do some research on Misty Knight and you will love her as much as I do. Until next time Nerds, Nerd out!


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