Short Season Anime: Yu Yu Hakasho

Good afternoon Nerds! This is the first entry of my newly started monthly series so this may be bumpy. But bare with me and heck, if you like this entry (or don’t), suggest my next one! So let’s get into the first one.


I’ve probably watched the whole Yu Yu Hakasho series an unnecessary amount of times since seeing it for the first time in 2007. It’s an anime classic along with being an absolute favorite of mine. If you haven’t heard of this classic anime, then you need to get on it! Below is a short synopsis (very short):

“The story follows a teenager named Yusuke Urameshi who, through a series of unfortunate events, becomes a spirit detective and basically hunts down demons causing trouble and along the way is joined by his close friend Kuwabara and then Hiei and Kurama who helps Yusuke on his spirit detecting quests.” (Source)

Yu Yu Hakasho had 4 seasons but personally, I feel there is more to be told. Especially because I believed season 4 was a little rushed. In that last season we learned about the Spirit Defense Force who tracked down Kurama, the first spirit detective, Yusuke’s ancestor and his friends from the past, and the other two rulers of demon world. We only got maybe an episode each about these things and not even that much for the SDF. I may be in the minority but I feel Yu Yu Hakasho had a lot more to be told.

Would you call this squad goals?

Spirit Defense Force:

Let’s start with the SDF. These guys were supposed to be at the level of mid to upper Class A demons and even said that the strongest class A demon was no match for them. We only see them for a few episodes in Season 4 but they seem like an interesting bunch of characters. I haven’t read the manga so maybe they explain more about them or even have some panels discussing their feats. But in the anime, they seemed like they would be an interesting story to tell along with some interesting battles between them and the Spirit Detective Crew. And I still want to know how one of the members hurt Kurama so bad that he had to escape to Human world.

Unnecessarily strong squad goals. That’s me in the middle though.

Raizen’s Friends:

Caution: Spoiler Alert! After Raizen died, his fighting buddies from the past showed up to pay their respects. They spoke on how Raizen use to fight for the hell of it before he stopped eating humans which then broke up the friend group. While watching the Demon World Tournament, it made me think about what those guys and Raizen were like before then. I mean they were by far the strongest beings in the tournament even being compared to the other two Demon World rulers. Who wouldn’t have wanted to see what Raizen was actually like before he fell in love? What about his friends and how they stayed as strong as they were while the other two rulers rose to power?

Just wondering what could of been…


Yu Yu Hakasho being a classic doesn’t exclude it from fans wanting more from it. There are plenty of cliffhangers we (me) wanted to find out about. What happens when Genkai dies? Does something happen during the first 4 years of the winner of the Demon World Tournament rule? Does Yusuke make it past middle school? Maybe the special that is coming out later this year will explain a few of those things. I know that this doesn’t really qualify as a “short season” anime because it had 4 seasons but this was my opinion about the series since I still believe that season 4 was super rushed. What do you think? Did I make some valid points? What are your thoughts? I’ll be doing more like this as I said in my post from last week. Until next time, Nerd out!







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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve delved into YYH, but I remember liking it when it came out in America. There was some good action and a decent amount of character development.

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