Nerd News Blast: BioWare's Anthem will get a beta, director says

This is something I hope is true. Revealed at E3, Anthem is a Destiny-esque game from Bioware. Visually, it looks wonderful and from the gameplay, it looks just as fun as Destiny and Destiny 2. A beta for a high profile game like this is needed I believe. I think Mass Effect: Andromeda needed a beta to work out the kinks it had early on (I still enjoyed ME:A). Bioware kind of pulled this stunt before. Remember how there was supposed to be a multiplayer beta for Mass Effect: Andromeda and it got scrapped? Then the game came out with shoddy optics? Yeah, I think a beta would of alleviated some if not most of the issues suffered by ME. But if Bioware keeps their word, the beta will work out in their favor giving them time to work out flaws before the game’s release at the end of 2018. So take another look at the Anthem gameplay trailer and lets hope we get a beta before the games come out. As always, Nerd out!

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